We thank those who believe in York Immigration and offer our beloved customers the eligibility to sign for York Elite Program.

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From the economical point of view, Prince Edward Island’s and Manitoba’s has the least investment requirement. We have successfully gone through the whole process with our clients and helped them obtain Permanent Residence Card. But each clients came from different background, it would be better for you to talk to a consultant before making any decision.


After effectiveness of Express Entry (EE), Skilled Worker and Skilled Trade stream become part of the EE. But each province has their own job market needs. As for Saskatoon, as long as you can get the employment letter you could apply for the Saskatoon Province Program which would add 600 points into your CSR points. You then will definitely selected to invite for application for PR.


Overall, Canada is a welcoming country comparing to all the other developed countries. First of all, you will need to prepare your financial proof to convincing Visa officer that your kids have enough funds to live in Canada. Apart from that you will need to choose the school based on your kids’ interest. Talk to a consultant, we are confident to offer help.


We will first invite you back to the office to conduct an interview to see your potential and capability. After the interview, we will discuss your personal interest and expectation about the future job. Based on the evaluation, our HR team will start contacting with the cooperated organizations for vacancy position after signing a mutual agreement with you.


Yes, we do. If you just want our HR team to find a job for you, the basic process is the same. We will need to conduct an interview first to see your potential and interest, before providing any services.