Job Hunting

Cooperated with more than 1000 companies and employers, York HR is proud to announce that since 2009, we have been able to assist hundreds of students and young professional find jobs and start applying through Canadian Experience Class, Canadian Skilled Worker, Canadian Trade Worker and Express Entry.

Successful Case:


A young college graduates with accounting major had been looking for jobs for 4 months before contacting York HR. She wanted to find a job and started applying for PR so we offered her the job hunting + PR Application package. In just 1 month, we were able to help her get an accounting job. She is now working in an accounting firm for more than 1 year and in the process of PR application.


A skilled electrician wants to have a new job with more base salary. We were able to help him secure a senior electrician job in a median level corporation within 2 months.

Any questions regarding immigration, working or studying issues in Canada and Visa application to other countries, please contact us directly at 1-888-888-5518.